More Counting Practice, including Cards – Homework 2014-09-05

Today we’re going to practice more counting problems. You really want to be awesome at this stuff, so we’re going to make sure of that before we move ahead. 

Part 1

We’re going to talk about the postal code problem from Thursday.

Part 2

Now we’ll talk about playing cards. If you want information about the sort of deck we’re talking about, see here. It’s apparently known as the French deck, which was news to me. Please note that we’re not gambling in class. 

We’ll do two questions from the text: Page 229 #3 and 4. 

Part 3

We’re going to have some time to work in small groups or individually on some counting problems. Here’s the list that we’re going to start with: 

Pages 229-231 #1, 5, 7 (no tree needed), 8, 11, 19

These are homework for Monday if you don’t finish in class. I may add a few more during the lesson, then I’ll modify this post. You’re welcome.

Exit Card

Before you leave today you’ll complete a short exit card for me and hand it in. Then you will have an excellent weekend.



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