PDF of the Combinatorics Assignment

Remember, this is an independent assignment. Please don’t post answers, partial solutions, etc. in the comments. You may ask clarifying questions, but only if they don’t give away information about how to solve the problems. Otherwise, use email.

PDF of the Combinatorics Assignment (updated 2014-09-29 for a missing value in question 12)


3 thoughts on “PDF of the Combinatorics Assignment

  1. I couldn’t find your email last time and still can’t… So for #11, is there supposed to be an amount beside the of students who don’t do extracurriculars? I’m not sure if that’s a typo there…

    1. Ooooh, that’s weird! Is it like that on the printed sheet too? I’ll fix it as soon as I get home tonight. I’ll have to look in my notes so that I put the right number in there. Sorry!

      1. Okay, it’s fixed now. You can use the value 35 for the number of students who do not participate in extra-curricular activities. Sorry about the boo-boo; I’m sure I’ll hear about it tomorrow. :)

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