Binomial Distribution Crowdsourcing

Students: your task is to find an effective instructional video for learning about the Binomial Distribution. To share the video you find, leave a comment on this post including

  • a link to the video
  • some reasons you thought it was effective


The Verdict

Overall, most people preferred this video (it wasn’t a universal love, though):


9 thoughts on “Binomial Distribution Crowdsourcing

  1. This video was very effective because it demonstrated clear examples and simply explains what Binomial Distribution is. The video was not difficult to follow and was a good length.

  2. we believe that this video is effective because it has a clear effective explanation to how to use binomial distribution, it shows an easy example and includes step by step instruction. also, the video is short in length so it compresses information and gets right to the point. finally, the amount of views that it has infers that many other people find this to be a very effective video

  3. It explained how binomial distribution works, and how to apply the formula to the questions.also it gives a good example for the binomial distribution

  4. This is the video we found to be most helpful because it explains the entire concept quickly while building on knowledge that we already have in our craniums.

    Our sincerest regards,
    Cailin and Maddie :)

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