Top Hits for Hypergeometric Distribution

Head over to Google and search for Hypergeometric Distribution. These are the first four results today:


Stat Trek

Wolfram MathWorld


We’re going to look at each of these four resources and think about which ones are best for our learning.


You tried out these different sources today. I don’t think there was a consensus on which was the best, exactly, but there was some important learning here:

  1. The language of these resources was very challenging.
  2. The notation varied significantly, which affected how quickly you could follow an explanation
  3. There were “extras” that you had to ignore (for now) on the more complete resources

Overall I’m glad we tried this out. It showed me that I can’t expect you to just Google a concept and find an easy textual explanation; it also showed me that I should practice reading this sort of text with you (these pages read like first-year university textbooks for math, in my experience, and you’ll need that skill).

Thanks for trying this out with me today. I’m glad we had some time to consolidate together. Tomorrow we’ll work on expected value for this distribution and on distinguishing between the different distributions.


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