You’re great. Bring your textbook.

I’m just wrapping up the first draft of your term 1 report cards. I don’t love evaluating student performance (have I mentioned that before?), but I wanted to let you know how proud I am of your work this term.

I care deeply about all of you, and I’m so incredibly happy to see so much success in this course. It’s very easy to find strengths in each of you, which is wonderful. It’s probably not normal, but I’m smiling (I know, eh?) as I write those brief comments. You’re great people and I love our time together each day – you’ve made my first term at a new school a super-positive one.

On that note, go to sleep and make sure you bring you textbook tomorrow. We’ll be doing some stuff in there, and I want to review your midterm report with you before it goes live. See you Period 4, if not sooner.

Good night!


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