Your assignment! Yay!

Here it is:

This is due on Tuesday, December 9th by midnight (i.e. I’ll look for it Wednesday morning).


5 thoughts on “Your assignment! Yay!

      1. It’s fairly challenging to create a histogram in Excel (which is weird, because they’re really commonly needed).

        Basically you need to set up the ranges that you want in advance and then use the FREQUENCY() function to count how many values from your data set fall into each range. There is also an Analysis Toolpack that you can enable to get at a histogram tool.

        Here’s a YouTube video explaining the FREQUENCY() function approach. I dont have Excel at home, so I can’t make a video for you :(

    1. Hi Chris,
      Go to
      Log in and head to the dropbox. If you’re submitting a Google Doc you can Share in the doc and then paste the link, or your can download the file and upload it as a .XLSX file.
      See your email for your username and password.

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