Submitting your assignment?

Go to Your username is First.Last (like Brandon.Grasley), and you need to know your password. :)


3 thoughts on “Submitting your assignment?

  1. I cannot get the bar graph done for the Phone. when i highlight the phone column then go to the graph, it will not put it in the way i want it to. How do i do it properly? the videos wont help much because they are on google docs

    1. I don’t have Excel at home, so I can’t make a video or anything, but I’ll do my best with text.

      I think the easiest way to get the data you want is to create a PivotTable (select your data, go to the Insert ribbon, PivotTable) and drag the Phone OS field to the Row labels and the Value area (setting it to Count). That should give you a nice table to work with for the bar graph.

      Let me know if you’re still having trouble.

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