Questionnaire Task – instructions

Here’s the assignment to finish up our questionnaire task.

I need you to have your data collected before the end of the week (December 19th), and I want the report submitted by Friday, January 9th. Many of you will be able to get the data collection done very quickly, perhaps in one day, and can begin your report this week as well.

If you need help with distributing your questionnaire, ask me.

If you want to use an electronic form, I recommend Google Forms (part of Google Drive) because it’s easy to create, easy to respond to, and it dumps everything into a spreadsheet for you (handy). Use it if you want to share a link, or if you want to input responses directly into your phone or something.

I’ll be available every day at lunchtime to help. If you need help with a computer, let me know in advance and I’ll try to have something available for you.

Here’s the original prompt plus the new detail:

Developing a Questionnaire


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