MPM2D Improving your skills; Systems practice – 2015-10-26

I handed back that quiz from Friday, and I made some suggestions for improvement in a number of areas. Here are a few.


  • label your x- and y-axes, including arrows on the ends
  • include a scale, to the left of the y-axis and below the x-axis

Finding Midpoint

  • use parentheses around the point’s coordinates, like (5,2)
  • use equals signs as you simplify the coordinates, like (\frac{3+2}{2} , \frac{4-2}{2} ) = (\frac{5}{2} , 1)

Finding Length

  • extend the root sign over the entire expression, like \sqrt{(x_2-x_1)^2+(y_2-y_1)^2}
  • be careful matching brackets, and use square brackets if necessary: (5-[-2])
  • don’t lose your negative sign too early: (-5-2)^2=(-7)^2 , not yet 7^2

Finding the Perpendicular Bisector

  • label your slopes and equations clearly, using words if necessary
  • when finding a negative reciprocal, change the sign (don’t just move it to the denominator!)
  • lots of people found the slope, but didn’t find the equation.

The Triangle Question

  • explain how to solve the problem in steps
  • measuring is not the same as calculating


Here’s your homework for tonight: MPM2D Practice – graph, solve


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