MDM4U Permutations 2016-02-09

We learned the term permutations today. A permutation is a unique arrangement of items.

We learned that the number of arrangements of r distinct items from a group of n distinct items is

_nP_r = P(n,r) = \frac{n!}{(n-r)!}

For homework you need to evaluate the following permutations without use the nPr or n! buttons on your calculator (that is, do it by hand!). After you have calculated them yourself, verify your answer using the nPr button.

  1. P(10,5)
  2. P(10,6)
  3. P(4,2)
  4. P(7,6)
  5. P(7,1)
  6. P(20,2)
  7. P(100,1)
  8. P(1000,3)

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