MPM1D Using fractions 2016-02-10


I gave you a page of practice work, but I forgot that there was a question about multiplying and dividing fractions on there! We haven’t talked about that yet, so please don’t worry about completing question 5. We’ll get to it tomorrow. Sorry about that!

The BEDMAS quiz

I gave you a short quiz to see how your skills are with evaluating expressions. I noticed a recurring theme; please watch this:


We talked about how to represent fractions and switch between mixed numbers and improper fractions. In order to add or subtract fractions we need them to have common denominators, so we practised finding the Least Common Denominator (LCD) (also called the Least Common Multiple (LCM)).

I gave you a fairly long batch of questions to try. Spend 15 or 20 minutes on it, unless you think you need additional practice (then do a bit more!). The answers are included to help you check your work. Again, don’t worry about question 5.

Need another refresher? Try this lesson at Cool Math 4 Kids.

Please remember to bring a whiteboard marker as soon as you can. Thanks!


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