MPM1D Same Old 2016-02-17

We spent today in the same thing as yesterday – practising order of operations with fractions, including negative fractions. It really does just take some initial learning and a bunch of practice, so we’re taking the time now. It’s critical that you master these skills to be successful with all of the algebra we’re about to start. 

Tomorrow you’ll have a short quiz, about five questions. They’ll all be evaluating expressions, just as we’ve been doing all along. You’ll see a mixture of integers and fractions.

Remember that quizzes in my class don’t count towards your report card mark. They’re for practice, and to help me (and you!) figure out how to best support you moving forward. They help me gauge the learning of individuals and of the entire class. So, they’re really important for learning, but I don’t want them to be a big stressor for you. Prepare for quizzes, but don’t worry about quizzes. 

Let me know if you’re having trouble. You know how to get a hold of me :)


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