MPM1D Solving Equations Skills Summary 2016-04-11

We had a quiz today (here it is: Solving Equations Quiz). I’ll be returning it tomorrow; we looked at the solutions today.

You’ll be having a test on these skills this Wednesday. Tomorrow in class I’ll hand out the following skills summary along with a bunch of questions to help you review. You are welcome to look at/print out the skills summary on your own, or you can wait for the lovely yellow booklet I’ll give you tomorrow:

Skills Summary – Solving Equations

Tonight’s homework was to practise solving equations according to your needs. Most of you chose to work on equations that included fractions; I gave some that required the distributive property as well. You still have the bazillion questions labelled “8.5” at the top of the page if you need more.


3 thoughts on “MPM1D Solving Equations Skills Summary 2016-04-11

  1. Hi Mr. Grasley this is Joshua. I was wondering how I would go about getting more practice sheets, like online or something. Thanks

    1. Hi Joshua,
      For worksheets you can look at these sites:

      It can be tricky to make sure you’re getting the kinds of equations you want. Look for “2-step equations”, fractions, etc. You don’t want stuff that says “quadratic” – that’s for grade 10.

      If you want online practice, you can try these:

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