MPM1D Solving Some Problems 2016-04-19

I returned your second test today. You’ll see a mark out of 60 and a comment. If there was anything significant that I think you need to work on, you’ll see it in that comment as well as written on specific questions inside your test.

Instead of continuing with the Pythagorean Theorem today I wanted to try running some stations with a series of problems. I assigned your groups and asked you to cycle through each station, trying to solve each problem with your group.

We made it through about 3 rotations, so you saw only half of the problems. We’ll continue tomorrow so you can work with your group on all of the questions.

If you wanted to work some more on the ones you already saw, here’s the entire list. Please don’t work ahead on questions you haven’t seen, though – I really do want you to try to work as part of a team on this.

Unit Rates – Stations handout

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