MPM1D Report cards; beginning Proportions 2016-04-21

I gave everyone a copy of their “draft” midterm report card mark, comments, and learning skills. Some parents had already picked them up last night. I haven’t gone through the proofreading cycle yet, so if you notice a typo or something please let me know. :)

I spoke to you for a little while about how your mark is personal, and how you have to decide whether you’re achieving as highly as you want to. For example, a mark of 85% might be awesome for one student, but a disappointment for another. It’s personal, based on your usual performance, your goals, and your willingness to do more to achieve more.

But no matter what you personal goal is for a grade in this course, a mark of 70% is the minimum you must achieve to be prepared for the next course (Grade 10 Academic). 50% will get you a credit, but that glass is both half-full and half-empty. To be ready to start the next challenge, you need to have a solid grasp of this course’s concepts.

If your current mark is less than 70%, you have not developed all of the skills I need you to have developed. You’ll need to do something right now to improve your understanding and your skills. That means looking back at your evaluations so far, deciding what kinds of problems you’re having, and seeking help to fix them. My comment on your report card usually will summarize the specific area of need I’m seeing as well. This is true for those of you who have achieved more than 70% as well.

You need to set goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and follow through. Now, not later.

Today’s learning

We continued to look at those 6 “station” questions. We spent quite a while looking at questions 4 and 5. We then worked on an activity measuring heart beats and determining heart rate. Several of you apparently are vampires or don’t have a heart beat for some other reason. It’s okay.

Here’s the page: Heart Rate activity

A few of you determined your heart rate, but you did not explain, in the space provided :), how to calculate your heart rate. Fix that up, please.

No homework, and remember that tomorrow is a PD Day so you won’t be here! I’ll see you on Monday.

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