MPM1D Scatter Plots 2016-04-27

We’ve spent a couple of days looking at the relationships between variables and understanding scatter plots.

Yesterday we took a bunch of measurements (height, armspan, foot length, etc.) and looked for relationships between them. We used Fathom to quickly produce scatter plots and discuss how closely related different measurements seemed to be.

We then tried to describe 9 different scatter plots according to a variety of categories:

  • linear vs. non-linear
  • increasing vs. decreasing vs. other trend
  • strong vs. moderate vs. weak correlation

The conversations you had with your seatmates was awesome. I was particularly happy to hear the discussion surrounding linear vs. non-linear plots.

At the end of the class I feel that you’ve developed a good understanding of those terms and what sorts of relationships they describe. Your feedback was that you agreed :)

Tomorrow we’re going to continue with this work. I’ll be checking your understanding and we’ll learn how to create a line or curve of best fit for each kind of scatter plot.

No homework tonight.

Nice work, everyone. Thanks for your patience with me and my bad cold – I appreciate it!


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