MPM1D A fun, optional problem 2016-05-02

When I print out multiple pages for a class, I have the option to collate those pages. This means that the copier prints out pages, A-B-C-D in order, then prints A-B-C-D again, until all of the pages have been copied the correct number of times. In class this can be great – I get a “bundle” per student, instead of a stack of 25 of A, 25 of B, 25 of C, and 25 of D. If I need to give each student all pages, this can be a time saver.

But the copier in the math office runs a little slower when collating pages! Maybe it’s not worth it! How much longer does it take to collate 50 pages of A and B instead of running 25 of A and 25 of B?

Note that there is also a “warmup” time – the amount of time it takes before the first copy comes out.

Watch this video, then figure out the answers to the questions at the end:


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