MPM1D Data Collection Skills Summary 2016-05-05

We spent a bunch of time going over yesterday’s homework task (which is here: Running Data Sample – Scatter Plot). The biggest challenge was working with values that were written in minutes and seconds, like 5:38, instead of decimal values that we use with other measurements (like 17.92 cm).

I handed out a little yellow booklet as a review/skills summary that you will complete as a way to monitor your learning. As I said in class, you should be able to complete everything in the booklet. If you can’t, you need to get some help, and then ensure that you won’t need help with that skill in the future. Don’t get help once and figure you’re okay; try again with something similar to make sure you’re all good.

Here are two versions of that booklet. The first’s pages are 7″x8.5″, and the booklet version has 8.5″x14″ pages (print legal size, double-sided, flipped on the short edge, to make a nice little booklet).

Skills Summary – Data Collection

Skills Summary – Data Collection (booklet)

You don’t need to finish that booklet tonight, but you should be spending at least 15-20 minutes on it. You’ll be having a small test next week, and an in-class assignment too.


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