MPM1D Data Collection etc. Test etc. Tomorrow 2016-05-10

A quick reminder that you’ll be having a small test and an in-class assignment tomorrow (Wednesday). Bring your notes, please, since you can use them for the assignment portion.

Nothing from the past couple of days will be on these assessment items (e.g. slope and y-intercepts).

You have a review booklet that you should have completed by now. A few of you asked me questions about it last week, but those have tapered off, so that tells me you feel prepared. Here’s the booklet if you want to run through it again for practice: Skills Summary – Data Collection (booklet)

I also handed back a quiz-like task (“Decreasing Trend”) today (it was on green paper). Please look over the feedback that I gave on that task. Many of you did not label your graph very well, or you had some problems writing in the scale.

Get a good sleep, and I’ll see you in the morning!


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