MPM1D Slope and y-intercept; graphing 2016-05-10

We spent today working on reading the slope and y-intercept from equations for lines. In an equation like

y = -\frac{3}{2}x+4

the slope is -\frac{3}{2} and the y-intercept is 4.

We practised plotting that y-intercept on a coordinate grid and then using the slope to “step” along the line, plotting other points that were also on the line. In the above example, we moved to the right 2 (the run) and down 3 (the rise; it’s down because the slope is negative).

Take a look at yesterday’s post for the a video explaining how this works.

We completed this page and graphed all 12 lines:

Slope and y-intercept – page 1

Here are the blank graphs, 6 to a page:



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