MPM1D Linear Relations Skills Summary 2016-05-25

We spent the period this morning reviewing questions you had from Thursday and yesterday. We’ve finished the in-class learning for this unit (Linear Relations) and we’ll be moving on.

Because of the number of people who will be away in the next couple of days for school events we’re going to have our test for this unit on Monday, May 30th.

During the last 20 minutes or so of today’s class I had you working to summarize your learning in this area. It’s important to me that you develop skills to monitor your own learning – to check your own understanding as you go along. The summary you started is one strategy that I’ve modelled for you this semester.

However, I felt that several of you were uncomfortable with the amount of guidance I gave you, and that you wanted more support and structure. I don’t want to leave you hanging, so I put together a booklet you can look at or use directly. It’s up to you to complete the summary and write some useful examples for each section.

If there are areas you aren’t sure about, or if you find that you need help with a skill, please let me know!

Skills Summary – Linear Relations

Skills Summary – Linear Relations (booklet)


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