MPM1D Parallel Lines and Transversals; Assignment 2016-06-06

We learned about parallel lines and transversals today. It’s a repeat from Grade 7 or 8, but it was new for a lot of people. If you weren’t here, check out this page:

Here are a few pages of geometry practice for your homework:

Angle Practice 2 EQAO

Because there are a lot of events in the next few days, I handed out a summary you can use to organize your learning in these two sections:

Skills Summary – Measurement (booklet)

Skills Summary – Measurement

Skills Summary – Plane Geometry (booklet)

Skills Summary – Plane Geometry

And finally I handed out an assignment. You need to complete it independently. Normally we do this sort of thing in class, but so many people will be missing time in the next few days that I’m letting you complete this at home. You can talk to me at school or email me with questions. It’s due “soon”, which means the sooner you hand it in the sooner I can return it to you with feedback. I need it on Monday, June 13th, at the very, very latest. Sooner is better.

Update: I made a couple of mistakes in the assignment.

On Page 4 I asked you to find the radius of a sphere given its volume. That requires you to take a cube root, which we don’t do in the course. Instead, just find r^3 , the radius cubed, which is part of the volume formula.

On Page 10 the last figure is a pentagon on a rectangle. I meant to indicate that the pentagon was regular, meaning all side lengths are equal and all angles are equal. I remembered the side lengths, but I missed the angles.



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