MPM2D First full day! 2016-09-07

Welcome to the class blog! This is where I’ll be posting details about our class work, your homework, and any extra resources that I think will be helpful for you.

I have two sections of MPM2D this semester that will be sharing this space, so I’ll use the following codes for post titles:

  • MPM2D: this post is for both classes
  • MPM2D1-01: this post is for my Period 1 class only
  • MPM2D1-02: this post is for my Period 2 class only

You are welcome to write comments on the blog posts. I’ll be notified when you do. For example, if I make a mistake in a post, or if you have a question, you can use the commenting feature to let me know. Because this is a public, globally-visible blog, those comments will be available for anyone to see. If you’re not comfortable with that, you should email me instead.

You can also contact me on Twitter – I’m @bgrasley. Please note that I don’t follow students and I don’t use DMs with students; Twitter is a public, globally-visible space for me too.

I have a general course outline for you below, which I’m handing out during class. Please read it all, and ask me for clarification if you need it.

I’m looking forward to a great semester with you!

Course Outline PDF file

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