MPM2D Lines in y=mx+b form 2016-09-12

Today we reviewed finding equations for lines in three different scenarios:

  • you have a graph
  • you have a point and the slope
  • you have two points

I handed out this page, and assigned the following questions for homework:

Find an equation in y=mx+b form for each line below:

  1. Point (2,2) and slope m=-5
  2. Point (\frac{1}{2},-\frac{1}{4}) and slope m=-\frac{1}{4}
  3. Point (7,-3) and slope m=2
  4. Points (2,3) and (-3,5)
  5. Points (7,0) and (0,7)
  6. Points (5,1) and (5,-4)

Come and see me in 260 in the morning if you’re having trouble!


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