MPM2D Review; Finding intersections by Substitution – 2016-09-15

We took up the homework questions from yesterday (finding intersection points by graphing).

I returned your review quiz. There were a number of common problems, some of which we talked about during class. Look at the feedback I gave on your quiz.

So many people had trouble with #4 that I decided to just post a solution instead of giving written feedback to everyone. Here’s the entire quiz:

MPM2D Review Quiz Solutions

Finding intersections using the Substitution method

We started to learn about the Substitution method for finding an intersection point. We only got through one or two examples; tomorrow we’ll look at more. In particular, we’ll see what happens when two lines are parallel (i.e. there is no intersection point) and when two equations represent the same line (i.e. there are infinitely-many intersection points).


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