MPM2D1-02 Analytic Geometry: Finding perimeter and area of a quadrilateral 2016-10-03

We went over a couple of homework questions, then I gave the following instructions (verbally) to you in groups of 4-5:

  • Draw a set of axes on graph paper (we used chart paper)
  • Plot a point in each quadrant so that the quadrilateral formed by connecting adjacent quadrants’ points is NOT a nice parallelogram/rectangle/etc.
  • Calculate the perimeter and area of your quadrilateral.

All of the groups were able to calculate perimeter, but area proved to be much more challenging. By the end of the period a few groups had a plan, and at least one had completed the problem.

Tomorrow we’ll see the solutions, and I’ll show you how to use the technique that you all wanted to use (finding the altitude of a triangle).

No homework tonight!

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