MPM2D Checkup on geometry; Circles; Re-test – 2016-10-10

The weekend is wrapping up and you’re excited to return to math class tomorrow. Here’s a preview of our 75 minutes together:

  • A short quiz (three questions) to check that you can find midpoints, lengths, and perpendicular bisectors. Don’t forget: quizzes don’t count! They’re a way for us to see how you’re doing and what you need.
  • Circles! We’re going to learn how circles work on a coordinate grid, including a nifty equation we can use. I like this part.
  • I’ll remind you that you can try the Linear Systems test again if you want to on Wednesday, October 12th at 11:30am until 12:25pm. You’ll have to let me know on Tuesday so that I can make the right number of copies.

See you soon!


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