MPM2D Analytic Geometry; Skills Summary 2016-10-17 and 18

We spent the class Monday taking up a few questions from the review work, then verifying a neat-o property of quadrilaterals:

If you connect the midpoints of the sides of a quadrilateral to form another quadrilateral inside the first, the smaller quadrilateral is a parallelogram.

We used slope to verify that opposite sides were parallel.

On Tuesday I’ll be away (City Cross Country Running competition) and you’ll be completing a Skills Summary for the second unit on Analytic Geometry. You’ll receive it at the start of class, and it’s on yellow paper this time, Daphne – I hope that’s okay :)

If you want to see it in advance, here are two versions:

MPM2D Analytic Geometry – Skills Summary

MPM2D Analytic Geometry – Skills Summary – booklet (for printing on legal-size paper and folding into a booklet)

You’ll notice that the skills are listed, but there are no questions to complete. That’ll be up to you. You’ll need to create (or at least find) questions that match the skills shown in the booklet. Enjoy!

Also, remember that we won’t be having a test/assignment on Wednesday this week – I’m looking at Friday instead, since the OSSLT is on Thursday.


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