MPM2D1-02 Expanding and Simplifying Polynomials 2016-11-18

We practised a skill from last year: expanding and simplifying polynomials. We worked out a bunch of examples, and then we had practice time.

The only new kind of expression was like this:


You essentially use the Distributive Property multiple times to work it out, then eventually you’ll develop efficient shortcuts.

If you have learned “FOIL” or some other kind of trick for remembering how to complete these, please delete that from your brain now. Those strategies only work in a small number of situations. Instead, we’ll take the time to learn how to handle many kinds of situations. Thanks.

Here’s a blank version of what we did, sort of:


And here’s a filled-in version:


The first half of the last page is homework (answers provided) and we’ll continue on Monday with the rest. Let me know if you need help.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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