MPM1D EQAO starts today, 8:55 in the Multimedia Room

Eat breakfast! See you there.


MPM1D Course Review 2018-01-19

We’re going to use some “release” materials from EQAO to do some course review today. Here’s today’s stuff:

Question Booklet (2017)

Answer Booklet (2017)

AFTER you’ve tried everything, here are the correct answers for the multiple choice questions: MC Answers (2017)

All of these items come from this page: Grade 9 Sample Assessment Booklets

Remember that you’ll have a formula sheet for the assessment: Academic Formula Sheet

MPM1D Geometry Terms 2018-01-11

We spent the class today refreshing our memories about geometry terms and learning some new ones. Here’s the little booklet we used to organize our work:

MPM1D Geometry Terms

MPM1D Geometry Terms (booklet)

We didn’t get time to work on Page 7, so we’re going to do that tomorrow.

Remember that you can try again on the Linear Relations test tomorrow at lunch time as well!


MPM1D Test tomorrow 2018-01-09

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is your test for Measurement (perimeter, area, surface area, volume).

The Skills Summary Booklet:

Skills Summary – Measurement

Skills Summary – Measurement (booklet)


MPM1D Composite 3D Figures 2017-12-21

We learned about how to combine shapes and find their surface areas and volumes. Here’s the homework:


MPM1D Volume and Surface Area Practice 2017-12-20

These aren’t great photos, but here are the shapes you’re finding the volume and surface area of…


MPM1D Surface Area homework 2017-12-15

We learned about the surface area of prisms. We’re working on cones, pyramids, and spheres on Monday. Here’s your homework… find the surface area of each figure: