MPM1D More Composite Figures Practice 2017-12-14

Here is the extra practice work that several people requested:

Find the perimeter and area of each figure.

Looking for answers to check your work? Here they are! (Message me if I made any mistakes, okay?) CompositeFiguresPractice_Answers


MPM1D myBlueprint and talkin’ bout homework 2017-12-12

We logged into myBlueprint and browsed around that service for the first 30 minutes of the block today.

Next I went through the homework questions with everyone, since lots of people found them difficult. A few more people took the practice work to try.

We spent the last 15 minutes refreshing our memories about circles. You should know the following terms:

  • circumference
  • radius
  • diameter
  • centre
  • chord
  • arc

You should also know these relationships:

d = 2\pi

C = 2d

C = 2\pi r

A = \pi r^2

For example, if you were told a circle has an area of 12 you should be able to calculate the radius, diameter, and circumference.

MPM1D Finishing optimization; drawing 3D figures; Math RPG 2017-12-07

We wrapped up yesterday’s work on optimizing area and perimeter for rectangles.

I handed out the Math RPG that we’re going to use for homework and “academic behaviour” tracking – see my other blog post about it if you want to hear more.

We started to practise drawing 3D figures using isometric dot paper (PDF here).

Your homework (protect your character’s health!):

  • Draw a cylinder lying down (on its round side)
  • Draw a hexagonal prism

MPM1D Optimizing Area or Perimeter in Rectangles 2017-12-06

We worked on this activity today: 01 – Optimization Problems

I gave out some small sticks to help with rectangle construction, as well as dot paper for drawing solutions. If you want some dot paper, here’s a PDF: Letter-QuarterInch-DotPaper

Your homework is to work on the problems at the end of the activity. We’ll look at them in the morning before moving on to more complex shapes.