MPM1D Multiplying Polynomials by Monomials 2017-10-03

Here’s what we learned today – we’re just applying the distributive property again, but it’s important that we practise the skill. I’m posting this a bit late, but remember that you should have spent 15-20 minutes on these tonight.

09 – Multiplying Polynomials by Monomials


MPM1D Working with Polynomials 2017-10-02

We’ve learned how to multiply monomials, such as:


(page from that day: 06 – Multiplying Monomials)

We’ve learned about the Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition:

-5x(3x^2-8) = -15x^3+40x

Today we worked on Fractice and then practised adding and subtracting polynomials, such as:


Here’s the homework for tonight: 08 – Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Tomorrow we’ll be multiplying polynomials by other polynomials. Should be fun :)