MDM4U Permutations Practice

We started working with playing cards today. Your home is this question:

You deal 5 cards from a deck of 52 cards, 1 card to each of 5 people. How many different unique arrangements are there that include all 4 queens?

A solution:

Since all four queens are included, there are only 48 cards left to choose from for the fifth card. There are 5! ways to arrange the five cards, so this means there are (48)(5!) = 5760 total arrangements.

MDM4U Experimental Design

I won’t be there today – I’m working with other math teachers to improve my teaching (which you’ll hopefully enjoy the benefits of).

While I’m gone you’ll be doing a couple of things.

  1. Watch the video below (twice, if you want to).
  2. Work at your half-table groups (move around if you like) to design three experiments using what you learned (here’s the handout you’ll use).
  3. Share your experimental designs with the entire class.

That’s it for today! No homework for the weekend. Next week we’re going to be spending time using spreadsheets some more, and we’ll move towards wrapping up this first unit in the course with some review stuff.