MPM1D Final culminating task 2016-06-16

Okay, EQAO is done! Woot!

One more task for you. We’ll have a double block tomorrow (Friday), so you’ll be here until about 11:30. I don’t think the assignment will take quite that long, but I want to make sure you have enough time and aren’t pressured.

Make sure you finish and submit the measurement/geometry assignment too.

Thanks for all your patience with the provincial testing. I really appreciate it!

MPM1D Want more practice? 2016-06-09

Some of you asked for more practice work. Here’s a link to a past EQAO assessment (2013-2014). The questions are typical, but they’re all in a single book (not the two-book format you’ve seen already).

Questions from 2014:

Answers from 2014 multiple choice:

Answers from 2015 multiple choice (the one from class)

Remember: most of you are writing the EQAO assessment on Wednesday, June 15 and Thursday, June 16 during our regular class period (8:55am-10:10am). Each day the assessment will take 60 minutes, which doesn’t leave a lot of flex time before and after, so please be on time (or early!).

MPM1D Assignment correction 2016-06-07

I made a couple of mistakes in the assignment.

On Page 4 I asked you to find the radius of a sphere given its volume. That requires you to take a cube root, which we don’t do in the course. Instead, just find r^3 , the radius cubed, which is part of the volume formula.

On Page 10 the last figure is a pentagon on a rectangle. I meant to indicate that the pentagon was regular, meaning all side lengths are equal and all angles are equal. I remembered the side lengths, but I missed the angles.