MPM1D More Composite Figures Practice 2017-12-14

Here is the extra practice work that several people requested:

Find the perimeter and area of each figure.

Looking for answers to check your work? Here they are! (Message me if I made any mistakes, okay?) CompositeFiguresPractice_Answers


MPM1D myBlueprint and talkin’ bout homework 2017-12-12

We logged into myBlueprint and browsed around that service for the first 30 minutes of the block today.

Next I went through the homework questions with everyone, since lots of people found them difficult. A few more people took the practice work to try.

We spent the last 15 minutes refreshing our memories about circles. You should know the following terms:

  • circumference
  • radius
  • diameter
  • centre
  • chord
  • arc

You should also know these relationships:

d = 2\pi

C = 2d

C = 2\pi r

A = \pi r^2

For example, if you were told a circle has an area of 12 you should be able to calculate the radius, diameter, and circumference.