MDM4U ME and NME 2018-03-19

Mutually exclusive and Non-mutually exclusive events. Phew.

Here’s the work for this evening. Remember, you’re spending at least 30 minutes on this tonight: 07 – Probability Practice 2


MDM4U Independent and Dependent Events 2018-03-07

A compound event is comprised of a sequence of two or more single events. Those single events are independent if the probabilities of later events are not affected by whether earlier events occurred. If they are affected, the events are dependent.

For example, when flipping a coin then rolling a die, the probability of rolling a 5 or 6 does not depend on the outcome of the coin flip. These events are independent.

When drawing two cards in a row from a shuffled deck of cards, the probability of drawing a 5 as the second card depends on the outcome of the first card drawn. If the first card is a 5, there is a reduced probability of drawing a 5 as the second card. These events are dependent.

Here’s your homework. We kind of did question 1 already in class, so you can skip it if you like.

04 – Independent and Dependent Events Practice

MDM4U Probability Practice #1 2018-03-05

We have a mini-lesson about using combinatorics to calculate the probability of events when all outcomes are equally likely. We worked on these questions:

02 – Probability with Equally Likely Outcomes

And tomorrow you’ll work on Probability Practice #1:

03 – Probability Practice 1



MDM4U Introduction to Probability 2018-02-28

Here’s what we started today:

01 – Introduction to Probability


MDM4U Bunch o’ stuff 2018-02-22

Hey everyone,

Here’s a bunch o’ stuff that we’ve been working on, including some solutions. There are quiz solutions on the bulletin board in the classroom as well.

08 – Combinatorics Quiz 1

09 – Combinatorics Review 1

09 – Combinatorics Review 1 – Solutions

10 – Combinatorics Review 2

10 – Combinatorics Review 2 – Solutions


MDM4U Permutations Quiz, Combinations 2018-02-13

We had a quiz today: 07 – Permutations Quiz

We also started to learn about combinations. Here’s a video that might help if you were having trouble following or if you were away:


MDM4U Permutations Practice 2018-02-08

Here you go!

05 – Permutations – Notation and Evaluation Practice

06 – Permutations and Other Counting Problems