MDM4U Homework! 2017-11-17

Here it is!

Sampling: Page 117 #2, 7-9

Bias: Page 123 #1-3

Central Tendency: Page 133 #1-3, 8-10


Retests for all classes

Midterm report cards are coming out soon and lots of people want to demonstrate their learning beforehand. If you would like to rewrite a test from earlier in the semester you can do that:

  • at lunch on Thursday (9th) or Friday (10th)
  • during Period 3 or 4 on Thursday or Friday (if you have a spare only)
  • after school on Thursday

You have to let me know in advance that you’re writing.

For Grade 9s: 

Test 1 – Evaluating and Simplifying Expressions

Test 2 – Solving Equations

For Grade 12s:

Test 1 – Combinatorics

Test 2 – Introduction to Probability