MPM2D1-01 Exam Friday

Hey everyone,

My period 1 class has its exam tomorrow (Friday) at 9:00am in our regular classroom (260). You can ask me questions tonight if you like, and I’ll do my best to be at school around 8:00am tomorrow.

If you do send me a specific question, it’s helpful if you include a picture of your work for me to refer to.

You can get me on Twitter (@bgrasley), by email, or by commenting on this post!


MPM2D Cosine Law 2017-01-16

Hey everyone,

We learned the Cosine Law today. Turns out I don’t already have a video explaining how the Cosine Law works, so I’ll put one together for you this evening. Feel free to browse the web for another, though.

Homework this evening is Page 409 #4 and Page 418 #5. For more Sine Law practice try Page 402 #5.